Hi! I’m Katie

(and this is my dog Finnick)

The timeless question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” has always been crystal clear for me - I want to be an artist. In school, I took as many art classes as I possibly could. In my senior year of high school, the only art class I hadn’t explored yet was Graphic Design. So I signed up for the class, not knowing it would fuel my college degree & solidify my choice of career.

I love graphic design & marketing because it’s a practical way for me to create art & communicate messages. It’s incredibly rewarding when that art can serve a greater purpose & mission.

One mission I’m particularly passionate about is health & wellness. My own wellness journey has taught me the importance of holistic health - heart, soul, mind & strength. In support of that journey, I became a Christian yoga instructor, and have gone through several yoga trainings.


After my initial yoga training, I felt God calling me to do more with yoga - but I wasn't sure what that looked like. It couldn't exactly put down my graphic design career to pick up yoga full time. But what if God wasn't asking me to choose between one or the other ... what if He was calling me to both?

I realized that a lot of other yoga & wellness instructors could use graphic design & marketing help!


So I started Designed for Asana - because our bodies are designed for yoga & your yoga needs a design!


I understand yoga businesses from the instructor's perspective & I would love to help YOU with your yoga or wellness brand's graphic design & marketing needs!


Every logo has a story

Since I might have the priviledge of designing YOUR logo, I wanted you to know the creative story behind mine.

For Designed for Asana, I wanted a simple logo that represented the present, prayerful practice of Christian yoga, but also included the creative aspect of my graphic design & marketing services.

So you'll notice a yogi in a simple seated position, hands at prayer, with the ananse ntontan symbol above her head.

Ananse ntontan symbol

Ananse ntontan (a-NAN-Si N-ton-TAN) is a West African term and symbol for "spider’s web." It’s also associated with “Anansi,” a well-known spider in West African folklore. The symbol represents the knowledge and creativity that Anansi uses to achieve the goal of building a complex web. Anansi the spider is also described as the Messenger of God - weaving a web of communication that spreads across the physical and spiritual world. 

I loved the comparable symbolism of the ananse ntontan to Designed for Asana, because I’m using my knowledge and creativity to build your unique yoga or wellness brand. And marketing under a brand is the best way to spread that web of communication about your offerings!

Plus, as Christian yoga instructor, I’m called to be a Messenger of God (like Anansi), using yoga to connect the physical and spiritual world.