Chair Yoga

Currently teaching in-person Chair Yoga classes:


Friday Mornings at 10:00am

at Family in Christ Community Church

(11355 Sheridan Blvd,

Westminster, Colorado 80020)


You can do yoga with a chair??


Yes! Chair yoga is a gentle yoga practice that uses the support of a chair. It’s great for seniors & anyone with any physical limitations. The class involves dynamic stretching, deep breathing & Scripture meditation. 


Benefits of  chair yoga:

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"When I agreed to attend chair yoga, I was reluctant. I had never done yoga, why start now? But after the second session I was sold! My joints felt much better and I really appreciated the tips Katie gave us - things like, "So if your ankles are sore you might want to do this exercise." Katie is a great instructor and has an amazing way of connecting with the class."


"Katie is always so patient with us and always aware of our health and safety. I love going to yoga. It makes me more limber and balanced than before I started coming. I love the friendly group of friends and neighbors who come and the fellowship. Also, I love the scripture she reads every week. She does a great job."


Jo Ann

"Katie’s chair yoga class is absolutely necessary for me to maintain my balance, strength, and movement.  I have never been in a yoga class before, but  Katie makes the movements easy for me to follow.  Her directions are verbal and clear, along with a visual demonstration.  I never feel intimidated, and we have lots of fun and fellowship. She is a wonderful teacher, and I look forward to her class every week."